13 April 2016
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Best Practices for Mobile Web Design 2016

If your website does look like not other than a desktop screen no every screen then you might be a risk of losing your future customer. To update your site on the modern form it needs to best practices for mobile web design & development for your better business. Also, Google recommends responsive type of website. It recently updated its search algorithm to boost ranking mobile responsive pages. Here we can add this, the number of mobile, tablet user increase day by day. Most of the mobile user love to search the web through mobile. They spend a huge time on the internet and it can be said mobile or laptop gives them the facility more than ever. So your website needs to be more mobile friendly to prepare for new generation needs, though.


How can be best practice for the mobile friendly website?

The necessity of mobile-friendly website can be denied. So here we are going to show some important information to ensure you are using best practices for mobile web design & development.

mobile web design

Use responsive site

You may have a website for your business purpose but if it’s not mobile responsive then you are going to loose a huge number of customer. Being have a separate site you can use a mobile responsive website. Also, mobile best practices urge using responsive design rather than creating a separate site.         Responsive-Web-Design

It creates flexible layouts, images and cascading style sheet for your website. Also, it’s considered consistence and familiar user experience across browsers and device. Mobile responsive sites never require for redirect codes. Its only requires one URL all version of the site.

Create a touch-friendly design

You should think of the touch-friendly mobile website. To feature concise content and scale down for screen sizes will be not enough. Ensure that design of the website can be navigated with any touch of finger. People now use their large and clumsier finger instead of using a deft and precise mouse. Also keep in mind some important things. Including,

  • Large and descriptive buttons
  • Bumping up font sizes
  • Avoid extra effects and pop-up messages on your mobile friendly website

Optimizing images

In responsive design the image should need to scale to the size of the user’s screen without any delay. In here two methods can get you optimizing images for responsive sites. And they are,

  1. Scaling images through code and 2. Scaling images through new HTML markup.
  • Scaling images through code- it’s the old method of forcing the image to the scale with the screen size. It an acceptable methods. But it requires the browser to download an image larger always.
  • Scaling images through new HTML markup- it allowing the developer to declare multiple sources for an image and prevent the browse from downloading larger image. It may no supportive for all browsers but can help to faster download.

Extensively testing functionality & performance

Testing of the site performance is also essential for a successful website. Mobile responsive sites should check eventually for looking the desired performance. So run a test before publishing your site and test occasionally for observing the real look of your responsive website. A normal desktop site also tests to consider the actual appearance. You can find many site launch checklist or browser check to view your client’s site on a verity of devices and browsers to make sure it looks and functions.

In today’s world of mobile internet usage demands, the website should capable of adjusting any size of the screen. On these cases mobile responsive website has changed the websites are built usually. Also, there are lot more thing to consider at play when building a mobile friendly responsive site. So keep all these things your mind for best practices for mobile web design and create websites for clients that will benefit both their future customer and future business.

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