22 January 2016
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How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Traffic

How to Create and Optimize Your Website for Mobile Traffic


As per the survey results, more than 30% of the users are now accessing websites on the go from their smartphones. This percentage is likely to increase in the coming years as mobile browsing is the quickest and easiest mode of web browsing. The web developers and designers should take it seriously and get adapted to this change by incorporating tactic and strategies to be mobile friendly if they want to capture the reassuring mobile search market.


When compared to traditional mobile development and usage practices, mobile search arena has its own rules and methods. Further, we will discuss some of such primary rules for you to get adapted to on being serious about developing and optimizing your websites for targeted mobile traffic.

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile searchers use shorter keywords

Typing on the mobile keypad is not so friendly to users. So they use shorter key phrases for search. You need to be prepared for shorter search queries also to be shown on the results. Often, these search queries are limited to single or two-word combinations. If you don’t rank well on these shorter keyword queries, it is hard to get viewed to mobile users. Search engine optimization is much tighter to achieve on mobiles.

Local search optimization

 Mobile Friendly Website              

As mobile is mostly used on the go, users frequently search for local stuff. Someone standing at a local street may search for a good place to dine or to find an ideal shopping destination or product dealer in that region. You can very much expect key phrases like “pizza at 8th Street” etc. So, your businesses being shown on local search results are quite important and you need to devise your online promotion plans accordingly.

Live info prevails in mobile search

News, sports scores, weather, and financial updates are the most popular search categories for mobile users. So, along with location, timing is also the key in mobile searches. If your site related to any of these niche searches, you should optimize it to be on top of the mobile-friendly listings. You can consider two distinct versions of your site; one is optimized for PC searches and one specifically aimed at mobile searchers.


Top 3 counts

Mobile Friendly Website 

 The mobile users hate to scroll through long search result pages and scarcely get on to the next page. Based on a standard search, hardly about 10 results get displayed on the mobile screen, and the users tend to click on any one among the first 3 on top. So, while optimizing your portal for mobile users, try to be one among the first 4 to yield any reassuring results.

Follow mobile phone standards

 Mobile standards are different from the traditional site development rules. You can check the W3C mobile-specific standards and stick to it. If your site is not mobile user-friendly, the viewers will be having a really awkward experience on mobile, which may instantly spoil your brand image.

Mobile search is a comparatively newer trend, but it is a sure bet in the near future. If you are unsure whether your site is compliant with mobile standards, this is the right time to work on it or otherwise you may lose your credibility soon.

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