16 January 2016
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User-friendly Web Design

Web design is a highly creative art and each Website Designers has their own styles and methods. Basically, the requirement of businesses and individuals who are looking forward to getting a web portal done is to offer something attractive to the users and make it as friendly as possible to hold them back there for long.

The new-age businesses are spending thousands of dollars in terms of internet marketing to bring more people on to their portal and get business. However, even if you succeed in your marketing efforts to get more hits to the landing page, it is to no avail if that place is haunting and confusing to the users.

Simplicity and user friendly website design are the key characteristics of any good website design . Even if there are no standards to follow in this creative task, web designing has some unwritten rules to ensure user-friendliness as far as layout is concerned. By sticking to these basic tenets will help your users navigate through your portal much easily and for you to yield more results.

 Being innovative is good, but what is the other side?Take it as the first rule of thumb as – “people are always more comfortable with what they already know”. This is the best advice to keep in mind when you start with a design work. If you try to be the most original with your innovation to introduce a new method to users, it is not that easy. On random visits to a portal, the users may not be that much patient to learn your unique method by spending their valuable time.

So, never try to confuse your customers by being too much creative. If you know that the usual practice is to display the menu on the right-hand side of a page, stick to it rather than confusing the potential user with a new way. Changing it to the bottom may give a better finish to your page, but what if someone never spots it?

Also, make it easier for the users to find the contact details. It may not be ideal for businesses to make people go through the Facebook links or other places to get contact details just because they are not able to find that on the portal, which was in fact there at a strange corner.


User-friendly Web Design

follow the w3 guidelines  to create web site

Let’s further review some such unwritten rules for you to keep in mind;


  • Login – If you place a login button, make it on the top right-hand corner of the page.


  • Menu – On top or at the left-hand side of the page. Keep in mind that the simple is better.


  • Social media buttons – The usual practice is to place them on the top right corner.


  • Layout – Create a clearly understandable menu and well organize other elements of the page in a disciplined manner. Avoid cluttering.


  • Logo – Standard is to place logos on the top left corner as you see it in a letterhead.


  • Colors – Colors must go well with that of your products and services. Don’t use rainbow colors, stick to 3 to 4 maximum


  • Footer – Need not say where to place, but footers include disclaimers, privacy policies, and contact information as standard.


  • Typography – Use easy-to-read fonts and ensure that the size is appropriate for all.


  • Consistency – Make every page in your website look consistent. Don’t use a unique design for each page to confuse the users.


These are basics to start with and once you have done well with it, do an intensive research to find out how to go ahead and create your winning website pages.

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